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Dec 25, 2000

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Xmas in Seville
To some extent I'm sorry that I missed the SF tradition of all of the Jews gathering in Chinatown for Xmas Eve.  However, Sevilla has its equivalent; all the tourists gather in Flaherty's Irish Pub.  Flaherty's is just about the only thing in town open between 10pm and 1am. 

Just before midnight some of the tourists head off to Mass.  Fortunately, the main Cathedral is next to the bar.  Suddenly two women clad in shiny clothing and sparkles start fire-dancing in the street between the Cathedral and the bar.  Xmas Eve in Sevilla with fire-dancers dancing in front of the Cathedral was quite an odd juxtaposition.  They're English and after collecting tips from the crowd they head into the bar for drinks. 

At 2am I head off with a Brazilian and a Mexican to find some other nightlife.  In true Spanish fashion, everyone goes out drinking after midnight mass.  I'm drinking and dancing until 5am in some bar.  The bar is still packed full of people but at 5am I head home to get some sleep.  In the morning I'm catching the train out of Sevilla.

At 5am the streets are also filled with people.  I pass by one disco with a line of 20 somethings waiting to get in.  A block later I pass by another disco with a line of 40 somethings waiting to get in.  I'm tempted to keep drinking at one of the many bars, cafes and discos that are still open, but I head off to bed.

I decided I should see some small and untouristed town in Spain and picked one more or less at random.  I'm now on a train to Caceres

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