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Madrid Nightlife
Dec 30, 2000

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Nightlife in Madrid
Thursday night

Last night was my first night back in Madrid.  I feel so at home here.  This is my kind of city.

It was the standard night of drinking and dancing until 5am.  I think that it goes later on the weekends. 

I danced Flamenco for the first time.  She was of course beautiful, but unfortunately taken by some guy who didn't want to dance.  Flamenco seemed easy, but that was probably just because I was doing it completely wrong.

I'm walking through a bit of a bad neighborhood on the way home.  Several street hookers try to get my attention.  One is particularly persistent; following me down the street and yelling to get my attention. 


At this point I'm curious so I stop.  I don't know how she got it, but she has a small plastic packet containing someone's identification and credit cards.  She wasn't following me, she was following the other guy a half block further down the street.  She hands me the packet and starts walking back up the hill.  I catch up with the guy and he's very glad to have his wallet back.  Life in Madrid doesn't tend to be boring.
Friday night

For a while last night I had a fear that NYE would be nothing like I expected.  Suddenly the streets are full of English speakers.  The bar that had not English speakers three weeks ago now has more English speakers than not.  I had these visions of all of the Spaniards at home with friends and family while hundreds of thousands of drunk Americans from Arkansas filled the streets.  Although, Ill admit I only met one guy from Arkansas.

After dinner and beer at one bar filled with Americans and English and more dinner and more beer at another bar filled with more English and Americans I head to the Discos.  There are some English speakers here, but they seem to fade away into the crowd.

I see this blonde.  A vision of perfection.  She's incredibly cute in a nice yet self-confident and outgoing sort of way.  After she finds out that I'm from San Francisco she introduces me to her brunette friend Marta who is even a little bit cuter and all of their Spanish and Italian friends.  The blonde, I wish I could remember names, and Marta are hosting a NYE party ($25 cover) specifically for foreigners.  Ill probably drop by.

Later I'm hanging out with some other Spaniards.  At 5am I'm tried and ready to get some sleep, but they insist that I accompany them to the next Disco.  The Disco lights come on at 6:30am and I head home

I no longer fear a NYE surrounded by Americans in Spain, but I realize that I have absolutely no idea what to expect.  I'm now off to buy some clothes.  My friends had to talk my way into the final Disco because my shoes were unsuitable.  I'm at least buying some new shoes - who knows maybe Ill buy a tux or something. 

dragan - Jan 22, 2005

Hello Adam,

Great travels and fun life you have!  Awesome website!  I'd like to talk more with you.  Have an idea. 


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