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Dec 21, 2000

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

I had planned to write about the deep and significant epiphanies I had on the trip back from Marrakesh while reflecting on the experiences of my first trip to Africa.  Someday I still might. 

However, after two hours in Spain these deep thoughts have been replaced with simple hedonism.  Let me say that Spain is a lot of fun".  In only two hours back in Spain I've eaten well and gotten drunk.  Dinner consisted of ham, fish, more fish, cheese, bread and a couple of beers.  After dinner I'm heading back to the train station to catch my train to Ronda. 

I step into a bar to escape the rain.  The crowd, if one can call four people a crowd, is 40 something and relaxed.  The bartender however, is a crazy man.  He's speaking the fastest Spanish that I've ever heard.  Hes taking shots, shots of anything, every time his wife turns her back.  After one beer I explain that I have to go and give him a 50 percent, 50 cent tip.  He pours me another beer to thank me for the tip.  When I explain once again that I have a train to catch and must leave he pours a shot of something into my beer.  I manage to almost finish the drink and make my train with 3 minutes to spare.  Welcome to Spain, its quite a contrast to Muslim Morocco.  And let me say once again, Spain is a lot of fun. 

21 hours of traveling so far today.  Only 2 more to go. 

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