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Dec 07, 2000

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Perhaps I cannot be content simply relaxing in Spain for a month.  I think that I need a good adventure.  I started reading the guidebook on the plane and realized that Morocco is very close to Spain.  The new plan (of the moment) is to head from Madrid down to Granada and then Seville before hopping on a boat to North Africa.  From Tangiers I suppose that Ill catch a bus down to Casablanca and maybe as far as Marrakesh.  I'm still planning on being back in Madrid for New Years. 

Due to the 9 hour time difference, yesterday turned into a 31 hour day.  I left San Francisco at 8am and arrived in Spain at 7am the next morning.  I got a bit of sleep on the plane, a bit of sleep during the day.  I was exhausted, but planned on forcing myself to stay up until at least 11pm to get over jet lag.  Somehow, at 11pm I was on my 2nd whisky and started feeling better.  At midnight, the English couple and the Irishman that I had met at bit early in the day went back to the Hostal.  I simply headed out to the next bar and made friends with a group of Argentineans.  I finally went back to the Hostal at 3am and passed out.  Today, I'm a bit hung over, but its possible that I might have already conquered jet lag. 

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