Spain map:
Granada & Gibraltar
Dec 11, 2000

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Granada & Gibraltar
I had a good time in Madrid.  I was out drinking the first night until 3am, the second night until 6am.  I had made a ton of local friends, but decided that I really should get out and see more of Spain.  I'm walking across Madrid at 9pm on Friday night and I come across Plaza Santa Barbara.  I was just like I remembered Madrid 7 years ago.  The streets were quickly filling with hundreds of young people drinking and having fun.  It looked like a scene from New Years in the states, but it was only a Friday night in Madrid.  I was tempted to toss the train ticket that I had already paid for and join the party, but only tempted.  It may rain New Years, but walking across town that night sure helped remind me why I choose Spain - New Years should be one hell of a party. 

I got on the train and had a overnight ride to Granada.  The following night in , I went to various bars and Moroccan style tea houses in Granada with Italians and Spaniards I met in the hostel.  Some, but not all of them spoke english so for most of the night I was speaking Spanish.  My Spanish was improving very rapidly. 

Now I'm in Gibraltar.  The massive british owned rock juts out of the ocean at the Southern tip of Spain.  After a traditional British breakfast of eggs and sausage and potatoes and beans and bacon and toast I took a tram up to the top of the rock.  I decided to pass on the Mushy Peas.  I then spent the afternoon playing with the very friendly resident apes, and checking out St.  Michael's caves (natural caves where one has been turned into a concert hall) before getting lost on the way back down to town. 

The language spoken by the natives is bizarre.  They speak perfect british english and fluent spanish.  However, they seem to alternate which language they are speaking in every other sentence.  Other than that the town is full of stores selling alcohol and luxury items such that Spaniards can cross the border, buy goods duty free and head right back to Spain. 

Tomorrow I'm heading to Morocco.  I've been assured that at least the con-artists in Tangiers speak perfect English.  I'm leaving Tangiers on the first bus down towards the Rif mountains towards a town called Chefchoen.  I'll probably be there for a few days before heading down further to Fes, Rabat or Casablanca. 

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