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Dec 04, 2000

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

I've spent the last week remembering back to my first trip to Spain.  I was new to backpacking, I had never traveled alone, and I was scared.  I had a to cycle from Madrid to Florence.  A plan which quickly fell apart.  I remember clearly the fact that I had only donuts and coffee for dinner the first night because I couldn't find a restaurant.  I remember the early struggle with not speaking the language. 

This trip is very different.  I am now an experienced traveler who has traveled much of the world.  I am going without a plan, because I no longer need one.  To some extent I regret my decision to go to Spain.  First of all, it is cold.  Perhaps I should have headed somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere where I could enjoy the summer weather.  On top of that I have been to Spain and speak some of the language and understand a bit about the culture.  I feel that this trip is going to lack the challenge and adventure of traveling someplace new. 

Then I think more about my original trip to Spain.  If I remember correctly, the people were great, the food was incredible, the parties lasted all night, and I met hundreds of beautiful girls named Marta.  This trip may lack the adventure of some other places, but I sure am glad that I'm going. 

The itinerary

December 5 - SFO ==> Madrid

I'll likely only spend a day or two in Madrid before heading South (could be East or West).  I might visit Portugal for a few days since I haven't been there before.  Other than that, I don't have any set plans.  I should return to Madrid a day or two before the New Years.

December 31 - New Years Eve in Madrid

Rumor has it that you can spend a full 48 hours of partying and dancing in Madrid for New Years.  The dozen grapes eaten at midnight are very much just the start of the festivities.

January 5 - Madrid ==> SFO

After a few days of continuous parties, I'll need a few days to hang out somewhere quiet and recover.  After that, I'm back on the plane and heading back to San Francisco.

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