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Dec 12, 2000

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

The nightlife on a MOnday, in the middle of Winter in Gibraltar is questionable at best.  There are a few groups of lonely sailors and a few sexually repressed Moroccan muslims who are excited by a woman without a veil - particularly the blonde English barmaids.

Mark (Australian) and I headed into town.  Marcellus (German) had just returned from Morocco with a cold and was heading to sleep early. 

After dinner Mark and I wander the town in search of any sort of activity.  We stop at a bar with two cute enough blonde English barmaids.  The crowd is mostly American Navy.  They are trying to get any sort of attention from the barmaids while drinking as much as possible (despite their Navy imposed 4 drink minimum) before their midnight curfew.  The English merchant marines from North Wales and Newcastle were better off and at least had entertaining accents.  We the recommendation of the barmaids of "It is the only thing open late" in addition to the fact that it was across the street from our Hostel we head to Discoteca/Karaoke bar Sax II. 

It was dead, however we hear from across the street, from our Hostel, the very loud singing of Hotel California.  The man who runs the Hostel was having some friends over for dinner and it was raging!  As it turns out the "dinner" was the annual Xmas party that he threw for the board of tourism.  There is the entire board of tourism for Gibraltar absolutely hammered in the dining room for our Hostel.  The invite us in.  Poor Marcellus, he's still trying to sleep through all of the drinking and singing.  They are mostly in their 30s and 40s, but one woman is young and very attractive.  We find out that she is on the Gibraltarian National Flamenco Team.  Since we missed the earlier dancing she is dragged back up to show us some Flamenco.  More drinks are forced upon us.  Around 1:30 things are winding down.  Mark and I head back across the street, back to Sax II.

Sax II heated up a bit.  40 people, perhaps 10 of whom were found filled the bar.  As we walk in a guy at the bar gives us a bit of a wave and then proceeds to stick his cigar up to one nostril and smoke from it.  At least Sax II wasn't going to be boring.  We find out later that Pepe, the guy with the cigar, is a good guy and a great Karaoke singer.

I quickly hook up with a too young English girl and start making out with her on the dance floor.  She is just trying to make the bisexual blonde that Mark is talking to jealous, but I'm okay with that.  The bar closes at 3am and we head to the Hostel and pass out. 

As I write this, I'm almost over the hangover and on a Moroccan ferry to Tangiers.  Out of curiosity, the first thing I do on the ship is go to the game room to see what video games they might have on a Moroccan ferry.  It's been turned into the Mosque.  Welcome to Morocco... 

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