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Saturday Night in Copenhagen
Sept 23, 2005

I've been working too much.  And honestly, it was far too easy to sink back into that life-sucking pattern of work, work, work.

But now, it's a Saturday night and I'm out to party.

The first place I stumble into is an Irish Bar far more Irish than the Irish bars in California.  Though, this one is actually a mix of Irish, English, and Glaswegian.  I stay long enough to get tipsy and play some pool.

My next stop is a dance club called "The Dubliner" in the center of the shopping district.  But it's anything but Irish.  It's packed full of very Danish, very white people. 

There is certainly nothing like this in Africa. 

Danish is an absurd sounding language.  It really does sound like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets, but even a bit more exaggerated. 

The bar is mostly full of 18-year old girls in way too much makeup carrying little purses.  It almost makes me approve of 21+ bars. 

I keep drinking.  Sitting at the bar, and looking around I take some notes.  People who are smiling make me smile.  Often when people aren't smiling, such as in this bar, I think it's funny that they aren't smiling, and it makes me smile even more.  It's taken me years to realize that this isn't most people's view on life. 

I find frowning people funny sometimes, but not nearly as funny as Danish boys in ties dancing to "Another one bites the dust".

I stay in the un-Irish, Irish bar, drinking more and dancing until 5am.  Then I hop into a cab with some cute Danish chick.  I'm getting the insider's introduction to Danish nightlife.  There is a one special bar in Copenhagen especially for the after-hours crowd.  It doesn't even open until 6am.  That seems uniquely Danish.

So, I'm having a bit of fun here, but I certainly enjoy the life in developing world more. 

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