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Friday Night in Copenhagen
Sept 22, 2005

Copenhagen Bars

Copenhagen Cirkus


I used to work on the websites for major international brands like Esprit, Patagonia, Hallmark, and iwon.  Now I'm working for a tiny Danish t-shirt printing company.

The pay is crap, but at least I have no expenses.  My lodging and food in super-expensive Denmark is all being paid for.

I'm back to working 12-hour days again.  In Africa it felt I was really living and enjoying life - now it's back to work, work, work, with only occasional moments of living life.

My second Friday in Denmark, I leave work at 9:30pm.  I'm working in downtown Copenhagen, but living 30 minutes outside of town.  I have to make the last train at 10:45pm.  Fuck.  There are few things I despise more than having to leave a party early.  There is some consolation though - I've already decided that tomorrow I'll skip the last train and just party all night. 

With 1 hour and fifteen minutes until my train I have just enough time to have a quick hotdog for dinner followed by two beers.  I head into a super-trendy bar for the beer.  it seems that most things in Copenhagen are super-trendy.  Sitting there, gulping my beer, and looking around the bar I feel the peer-pressure building.  It's that trap - "If only my shoes were nicer, maybe that hot chick would be looking at me."  Fuck that.  I can't get caught again in the fashion trap.  Fashion requires money, which requires a real career and entails having lots of possessions.  I feel the temptation, but I know that I'm much happier with nothing.  One t-shirt should really be all I need - well, 2.  I do now work for a t-shirt printing company and took one from stock.

The bar is super-trendy, but I don't know if I'm really that impressed with Denmark's version of trendy.  The bar patrons have really bad hairdo's, and they're playing Michael Jackson's "Beat It". 

Denmark summary by a Dane -- "It's too bad we have to get falling down drunk before we're willing to talk to one another."

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