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Vernazza & More Milan
Mar 11, 2001

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Milan and Vernazza
I have been very busy at work for the last few weeks and haven't had much time to get out.  I do manage to take a few photos though.  However, I make sure that I get out on Fridays.  I head out to dinner with my American coworkers and true to form at midnight they turn into pumpkins and decide that they are heading home.  I stop at an ATM and get some money and then head over to Luca Bar.  Within 15 minutes of leaving my coworkers I had made some friends at the bar.  Within half an hour of leaving my coworkers I was in one of my new friends cars heading off across Milan towards some girl's birthday party at a disco.  The disco was a good time and exactly what one would expect of a Milan disco.  The music was good, the drinks expensive, a few of the women in the crowd were obviously models and few of the men in the crowd were flamingly gay.  I hang out and dance until about 4 o'clock in the morning. 

The following Friday we all get some bad news.  Due to the changing market conditions Sapient is having to do it's first ever round of layoffs.  I still have my jobs, but a number of my friends in San Francisco do not.  I decide to deal with this situation by getting drunk.  Once again I head out for dinner with my coworkers.  At JP's suggestion we go to a popular Mexican restaurant where the very attractive waitresses carry around bottles of alcohol and serve at least one drink that involves setting your table on fire.  The fourth double shot of tequila killed any of the remaining germs that had been causing my sore throat.  A bit early this week, around 11pm my coworkers are taking off.  Fortunately, Jenn is flying in from Munich.  Dave is picking her up at the airport and they're both going to join me for a couple more drinks.  After 6 double shots of tequila and half a Caipiroska I decide that I've had enough. 

The next morning, very hung over, I head to the train station.  I've heard that Cinque Terra is beautiful so it sounds like a nice place to visit for the weekend.  I arrive in Monterossa at 3 in the afternoon.  There isn't much to see in Monterossa, and most of the restaurants are closed until dinner.  I decide that it will do my hang-over some good to take a little walk down to the next town before getting some food.  I buy a bottle of water and start walking down Via Amore.  My guidebook neglected to mention that the two mile walk to the next town was along a muddy and treacherous trail that climbs over a few very big hills.  As I'm wearing the wrong shoes, still very hung-over and haven't eaten all day I'm not quite prepared for this trek.  It's an exhausting trek, but after almost two hours I make it to my destination - the town of Vernazza is absolutely beautiful.  I have a nice dinner and spend a very relaxing and sober night in Vernazza before hopping on a train back to Milan in the morning. 

Next stop might be Interlaken, Switzerland! 

Laura - Jan 24, 2004

Sorry to take up your time.  I'm searching online to find how long it takes to get by train from Vernazza to Milan and your site came up.  Do you remember how long it took?  Our flight leaves at 11:00 am from Milan and we are trying to decide if we can spend the previous night in Vernazza.  Thanks for any thoughts.

Boulder, CO


No idea.  I haven't been in Milan since 2001. 

Enjoy Italy!


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