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Little Corn Island
Dec 07, 1999

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Rio update
The price is up to $1250 for a 5 night stay in a Hotel that I know almost nothing about.  It isn't mentioned in my guidebook or the travel agents website.  Paying a non-refundable $1200 sounds like a really bad idea, so I am going to just try to find a hotel when I arrive in Rio. 

Little Corn Island

You appreciate a light pack when you get on the wrong boat, have to run through a crowd of 60 people, under hammocks, over hammocks, over stacks of diving tanks to jump for shore as the captain inches the boat back towards the dock. 

Four hours later, I get in the Panga towards the little island, and think it is very cute when the little girl next to me looks scared and grabs tightly onto the edge of my shorts.  I don't think it is so cute 5 minutes later when we hit the open ocean and were in the middle of 4 foot swells. 

The boat crests each wave, flies through the air for a moment before crashing into the water below.  I made the mistake of sitting in the front.  With each crash my butt slams painfully into the hard seat.  After a few minutes I manage to slide a life jacket under my ass.  Removing the pain made room for fear.  I was not afraid of getting hurt, of the boat capsizing or drowning or anything like that.  It was that amusement park type of fear.  The difference being that it lasted for 45 minutes instead of 45 seconds. 

The second stop is mine.  The boat beaches itself on a sandy shore.  I pull off my shoes, toss them on the beach, grab my bag and hop into the water.  Ashore, I ask someone for Hotel Iguana, and they point into the jungle.  A ten minute hike along a little path through the jungle and I get to a sign that reads "Hotel Iguana", immediately followed by a sign that reads "Please Ring Bell NAKED Folks ahead".  Well there were no naked people Tuesday night at sunset, but Grant and Kathy who own the hotel seem very nice.  I was surprised to learn that they are not from Santa Cruz, but instead from somewhere in the South. 

After settling into my cabana with a hammock and an ocean view I head into town.  Along the way, there is an 8" land crab blocking my path.  He turns out to be the first of many stalking the jungle that night. 

Dinner of course was lobster (two lobster tails and rice $6) because lobster here is as cheap as the chicken. 

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