Nicaragua map:
Dec 13, 1999

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

I am suddenly transported half way across the world to a beautiful, quaint, small Spanish town filled with 19th century buildings, a central park with a big fountain and horse-drawn carriages. 

Granada was founded in 15-something by Francisco-somebody.  Now it is full of tourists from all over the world and American expats.  The guesthouse that I am staying at is unexciting, although is has good water-pressure which I am pretty excited about.  I am spending a fair amount of time at the hostel up the road.  The new owner left the US in disgust after the passing of prop.  187, a sentiment that I certainly agree with.  The hostel has a restaurant/lounge with cable TV and all the free coffee you can drink, another sentiment I agree with. 

I talked for a while with an interesting man yesterday.  Stanley Want is an English speaking Miskito Indian from Wawa Bar, a Miskito village on the Caribbean coast hundreds of miles through jungle from the nearest city.  He invited me to come visit his village and stay with him.  I would love to, maybe I will come back someday.  His story was that Hurricane Mitch did a bunch of damage to the village, and the farming has been very bad this year due to too much rain.  He killed 6 tigers to make money for food and clothing, their hides are very valuable.  On the way into Managua he is robbed by a group of armed Sandinistas.  They take the tiger skins along with all his money.  I gave him $2 worth of food and bus money to help him on his way home. 

The city is very beautiful, rum is good and cheap, the nightlife is good and very latin.  I am very happy here, life is good.  Unfortunately, I need to move on - only 11 days until my flight out of Costa Rica.  Next stop...  Shopping in Masaya, then on to San Juan del Sur. 

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