Nepal map:
Kathmandu [4,620ft]
May 04, 2002

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

We board the plane and it is just a touch of luxury - a candy and cotton for the ears.  The pilot guns the engines.  There is a heart-racing lurch down hill and then the plane is airborne which ends this Himalayan adventure.  It had a bit of everything.  No love story and no villains, but snowstorms and beautiful sunny days, successes and disappointments, communist rebels and a German talk show, and even unfortunately a death.


1.  A web search reveals that Yaks do not get low altitude sickness.  They tend to pick up from low living cows illnesses to which they have no immunity.

2.  No real confirmation about the bridge being blown up.  But, I heard second hand that it was.  Apparently, It's not stopping the busses.  You get out on one side of the river, walk across and then get on another bus on the other side.  George Bush did offer 20 million to Nepal.  It has not yet been approved by Congress.  In Bush double-speak he stopped short of calling the communists terrorists.  In a very twisted way I love the fact that George is leading a world wide war against terrorists and still hasn't defined what a terrorist is.  In this case, George says the Nepali communists have committed some terrorist actions, but they are not terrorists they are revolutionaries.  Try to understand that.

3.  Tolkien did indeed live in Nepal and it makes total sense.  The countryside here is just as spectacular as anything described in the books.  While I liked the movie, I now wish they had filmed it in Nepal not New Zealand. 

4.  America - No idea.  Is it almost back to normal?

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