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Aug 27, 2001

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 


Somehow Asia keeps reminding me of home.  SF chinatown did a good job in recreating Hong Kong.  Kuta is the Australian's Tijuana.  Now, Ubud distinctly reminds me of Santa Cruz.  The pace of life is very slow and relaxed.  Cafes, Restaurants and Art Gallery's line the streets.  There are some differences though, the temples for one, and when you go hang out in the park you feed the monkeys instead of the pigeons.

All of the guidebooks tell you to go and see a traditional Balinese dance, so I went to see a traditional Balinese dance.  I went to one of the nicer restaurants in town where dinner included a dance.  You could see the dance for a few dollars or for a few more dollars have dinner too.  The food was mediocre.  The dance was colorful but unexciting.  However, the restaurant has an incredible view of a temple, and the temple itself was beautiful.  The temple lies across a candlelit pond, and is brightly lit against the blackness of the sky.  The decorative gold door to the temple is guarded by two stone statues tastefully dressed in black and white checkered skirts, highlighted with red sashes around their waists and they're carrying bright red parasols.  *sigh* Balinese fashion.

Eric & Michelle

You can tell they are from LA because he is wearing leopard print thongs - sandals not bathing suit thankfully.  Americans have a reputation of being stupid obnoxious tourists.  Maybe, but on occasion at least they're damn funny.  Eric decides that he wants to feed his gum to the monkeys.  The guides tell him that "Sure you can feed them gum, but they like it fresh, not already chewed".  Who knew?  Great fun watching a monkey play with gum.

Tanah Lot

Amazingly beautiful - a temple on a rock besides cliffs, waves and moss covered tide pools.  I hope that at least one of the photos turned out well.


There's not a lot to do in Ubud, but there is a free meditation class.  I'm traveling in search of new experiences so I thought I'd give it a try.  I just came from watching the sunset at Tanah Lot and was running very late for the class.  I show up at the place of meditation and am hesitant to enter - I'm late for the class, the door is closed and I'm really not sure if meditation is for me.  I peek through a crack in the door and and see a bunch of women sitting on cushions.  I decided that it wouldn't hurt to give meditation a try.  As quietly as I could, I push open the door and step inside.  As I look around I see a middle aged white man in white pants and a white shirt standing in one corner.  He motions for me to step back outside.  I'll suppose I'll never know if he kicked me out because I was late or if it was because my shakaram said "He's only here to meet the chicks"

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