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Unf*cking believable
Jan 22, 2005

It seems that I'm not fated to leave Nairobi.  After being trapped for two months due to a lack of motivation and momentum, I was inspired and ready to move forward.  Last Friday, I moved from Backpackers to a hotel downtown so that I could catch the morning bus towards Lodwar.  I was in the hotel putting the final touches for what was supposed to be the last journal entry for Nairobi when my laptop exploded. 

Okay, it didn't explode, but it was very dead.  I spent the past week arguing with Apple over the repair.  It is under warranty, but they told me that I'd have to wait 8 weeks for it to be fixed and pay $250 for the shipping.  2 more months in Nairobi??

After a week of haggling with Apple, it was time to leave town.  My visa for Kenya has almost run out.  I'm going to carry this dead laptop as far as Addis Ababa and try again to get it fixed from there.

The good news is that while staying at the hotel downtown some backpacking hippy types told me of a party in Ethiopia.  I can't find any other information about it, but it should be a great party.  The told me that on Valentines day Ziggy Marley will show up in a tiny town in Southern Ethiopia called Shashamene.  He's there to play and to bury Bob Marley's ashes.  Who knows how many thousands of Rastas are going to shop up.  I would go way out of my way for such an event, but coincidentally it's just on my route and the timing is perfect.  I should show up just in time for the main event.

I'm catching a bus in two hours and I can't imagine anything stopping me this time.  When I arrive in Addis, and my laptop is fixed, I should have tons of great stories and photos to share.  That's it!  I'm signing off for the next month and some.  As Jerry Springer would say "Have fun and be nice to one another." -Adam

Misha - Jan 22, 2005

Dude!  If you party with Ziggy Marley and his crew, you simply MUST write about it.  PLEASE take a journal and transcribe it online when you get back.  oh please oh please oh please.

Rip it up and stay safe!

Norm Eck - Jan 31, 2005

just heard about you and your journeys.  Please keep up the good work.

Julia - Feb 16, 2005


Go go go go go!!!!!!!  Good luck with Apple, and keep telling us about everything!

lars - Feb 19, 2005

hey adam!  nice to know you are safe out of nairobi, keep up with you journal.  good journey

Bob - Feb 24, 2005

Hey Adam, keep up the good work and hang in there.  If Apple tells you 8 wks, bank on 12!  I got a solution for your pc issue.  Rent/borrow a suit, tell them you blew a major business presentation worth a couple hundred gs because THEIR product failed to perform.  If its not solved immediately, youll hold them liable.  Maybe theyll even pick up the tab for shipping.  Good luck and waiting for your feb entry. 
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Ari - Feb 25, 2005

Wow.  Kill Apple, and I do mean KILL.  Sheesh!

I hope you had fun with Ziggy!  Gawd that would be amazing fun to be in the middle of.

Still sitting at a desk, hoping you're having fun...


Michael - Mar 23, 2005

Hey Adam,

You are da man!  I've always wanted to do this...I've traveled in Thailand some and hope to make it to Cambodia and Vietnam this summer.  Can you post something about the overall cost of this journey so far?  Just a basic amount of cash you've made/spent on the journey thus far.

Christine - Apr 14, 2005

Damn -

My roommate works for Apple and handles problems/complaints like this.  I wish I had checked in with your site sooner. 

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