Brazil map:
Morro do Sao Paulo
Jan 20, 2000

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Here's to Odd Moments
On an island in Brazil...
Sitting in a Spanish restaurant...
Eating Chinese food...
And, it is good... 

Morro do Sao Paulo After traveling for 10 weeks for the most part alone, I am ending the trip quite a bit differently.  In Salvador I made a Brazilian friend with a name from a romance novel, Fabiano do Bueno Oliviera.  We are heading off to Morro do Sao Paulo together.  Over drinks the final night in Salvador we convince a few people to join us and find three women already planning on going.  In the morning a couple more people join us.  Total count for the journey to Morro 9 - 4 Argentineans, 3 Americans, 1 German and the Brazilian. 

Quite a change from traveling alone, but getting 9 people across town, onto the 1st boat (1 hour), catching the bus (2 hours) and finally haggling for the final boat (1 1/2 hours) was surprisingly easy.  Getting settled in a Pousada, guest house, was amazingly difficult.  We manage to find the perfect house right on the beach for $8 per person and still there are arguments and stress, stress, stress.  At the time I found a lot of amusement at the question that I hear so often, "Don't you find it difficult to travel by yourself?" By the next morning everything had worked itself out. 

If Arraial is paradise filled with beach and fun then the beaches of Morro do Sao Paulo is a real-life postcard with incredible natural beauty in every direction - the cliffs and palm trees against the sky, the peninsula with palm trees, greenery and rocks jutting out from the beach, or 3 perfectly tan bodies trying to get just a bit more tan.  The dance club Wednesday night was not as good as I had hoped, but this is still a wonderful place to relax away the last few days of my vacation. 

- Feb 27, 2007

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