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Full Moon Party
Dec 01, 2001

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Dive Log

First a new web page...  my dive log

Full Moon Party

After 2 days of warming up for the party by drinking and dancing until dawn it's time for the world famous full moon party.  I decide that I'm going to sample the local cuisine and order a mushroom shake from the guesthouse next to the Mellow Mountain Bar.  Two thirds of the way through the shake my reality is changing and I decide that I don't need any more.  Senses are distorted.  Good and evil are magnified and everywhere.  I remember thinking that I'm not having a good time, nor a bad time, just a very different time.  I walk away from the bad and towards the good until my legs will carry me no further.  I settle cross-legged in the sand to watch the waves and the moon.  I'm not visited by any demons or monsters, but instead by a nice young couple who are also from San Francisco.  I give them directions to the best shrooms on the beach and they tell me "Thanks, but we're not into drugs, we're into God."  I was quite an experience for them.  The were rather under-prepared for someone who was not only shrooming, but also an intellectual atheistic jew always ready for a good long religious debate.  Before leaving they put their hands on me and pray.  Chalk it up as another religious experience this trip.  After a long talk about gods motivation and the religious affiliation of Noah they leave exhausted, I'm recharged.  I find my shroomin' friends and we wander the party laughing at absolutely everything.  Around 3 in the morning the shrooms have warn off and I start on the thai whiskey to keep me going.  I dance with crowds of people through the sunrise and beyond. 

About the party:  I didn't know what to expect.  I guess I realized that it would no longer be a couple of hippies and ravers dancing on a beach, but I still didn't expect Swedish babes in trendy clothing and heels.  Many people don't even stay on Ko Pha-Ngan anymore.  They stay on the neighboring more expensive island and take a full moon boat which drops them off in the evening and picks them up in the morning.  The place looks very much like an amusements parks.  Colored lights are everywhere.  Covering all of the bars, restaurants and discos.  The majority of the crowd is the odd mix of Swedish and Israeli.  There are some Thais at the party too.  Some come with their families to see the crazy white people.  Then of course there are the usual suspects.  In one ten minute interval I was propositioned by a female prostitute, propositioned by a male prostitute, questioned by an under cover narc and solicited by a drug dealer.  The music is trance, and maybe once it was a rave, but now it much better fits the description of a beach party.  Most peoples substance of choice is beer and the partyers, they tend to be very tan rather than pale and thin. 

After a very quick breakfast, I went to sleep at 9am.  When I woke up at Noon the music was still going. 

The Narc

Scene:  Me on drugs walking along the beach with water in hand.  A Thai man walks up to me and starts a conversation. 

"Hello, what are you on?"
"Whiskey, lots of whiskey"
"You know expensive?"
"Yeah, it is a little expensive here"
"No, no, you know expensive?"
"What is expensive?"
"NO, you know Ex-Ta-Sy?"
"Oh, yeah, I know ecstasy, but no thanks, I don't do drugs.  Thai whiskey is very good"

The narc wanders off

Almost 31

After 3 days of dancing all night, I'm a mess.  My lower back is killing me.  Both knees hurt.  I'm almost 31 years old and I'm starting to feel it.  But I suppose that if I'm still partying for 3 nights straight, I'm not that old yet. 

philippe lemaire - Dec 23, 2003

dear Adam, I dont know if you remember me but I meet you in the "My House Hotel" in Bangkok, and when I saw you with your computer "portable" I asked you "Are you a writer" Your answer was "Well a kind of".  And the day I leave Bangkok to Vientiane I asked what could I do to write you and you give me your E Mail adress.  It is the first time I am writing what about all your travel and I am very please to have meet you.  Now I am in Kunming, in the Yunnan in China on the way to Lijiang.  I shall try to maintain the contact with you because I really appreciate your way of travelling.  I am like you.  So as soon as I can I send you some memory of travel I did and I am doing wright now.
On a scale from 1 to 10 would you should arrive to 8.

devonlinga - Jan 28, 2004

yesa adam,I a meta you too in the my-ah hous-ah guesta housa. 

My english good like above man.  I say arrive good at 9 much betta than last guy.  I am lika you too.  I really into you way travel. 

by the way, can you get me into the US of A?

- Feb 10, 2004

dude, you should go to puerto galera in the philippines!  they got good shroomz der!  4 spoonfull of preserved shrooms- dayumn!  5 mins and i cun alredy feel the shrooms poisoning my system!  i was really poisoned dude the whole day!haha i cant even talk straight, everything was moving, and the sky was eating me!  very psykedelik dude!  dey also cook the shrooms and make it as an omlet...  shrooms for breakfast?  only in the PI sir!  yebah! 

vinz - Jul 31, 2006

shit thats two years ago.  to the guy who wrote the feb 10, 2004 note, where in puerto?  how much?  is there anywhere else?  i stay here in makati.  thanks

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