Nepal map:
Dingboche [14,355ft]
Apr 24, 2002

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Boring days.  Long, long ago in a country far away, I started my first backpacking adventure.  It was long before I dreamed of being a writer and in the infancy of the web many years before there were any online journals.  I kept a daily journal.  It lasted four days and then I had a boring day.  That was the end of that journal and the last time that I kept a daily journal until this trek.  Today is another acclimatization rest day and it was a very boring day in an empty guesthouse.  Thankfully, the guesthouse has books to loan out.

Dingboche is wedged in a black dead looking valley with snow covered mountains visible out each end.  We are up above the tree line here.  I've got to wonder if there is not enough oxygen for the trees, do I belong here?

I'm fairly sure that you don't want to hear more about my urination, but at the moment it is of critical importance to me.  After dinner, for the first time since before Namche, my bladder feels fine.  No pressure, no urge to urinate.  Conveniently, no going to the bathroom constantly is both a sign that you have acclimatized and a sign that you are in trouble.  That night I finally had a great night sleep and that's definitely a good sign.

To keep this boring day's journal entry from being too boring I'll throw in a FACTOID - If Yaks go below 10,000 feet they suffer from low altitude sickness which can kill them.  Without web access up here I'll have to see if this is true when I return to Kathmandu.

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