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Arraial - the morning after
Jan 08, 2000

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 

Arraial d'Ajuda (cont.)
The next day The compromise I reached was to head into town for a drink or two instead of heading to the beach and then head to bed relatively early.  Caiprinha (1 lime chopped, lots of sugar, ice, fill glass with the local strong booze - or as I have grown to prefer vodka).  Brazilian legend seems to say that if a visitor drinks two Caiprinhas they can dance Samba.  If they drink three they can speak Portuguese.  I ran into a Brazilian that I had met briefly on the bus and started drinking.  Perhaps it is because I am a bit of a lush, but 2 was not enough.  After 2 Caiprinhas, 1 Caiprita (the Bahian drink of choice which tastes like a chocolate and vodka milkshake) and an unknown but significant quantity of beer, I finally think that I can dance Samba.  After one more Caiprinha, I am giving Samba lessons and the Argentineans seem to be paying attention.  Sometime around 1am, the quiet street turns into a full on Samba party.  After the 4th Caiprinha I still don't think that I could speak Portuguese, but somehow this morning I can now pronounce the name of this town.  Arraial is mysteriously pronounced as Ah-Hi-Yow.  At 4:30 I finally head to bed.  It was a good way to miss another full night of sleep. 

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