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Sept 28, 2001

These older journal entries were hastily typed in at local cybercafes where I was paying by the minute.  Please excuse grammar mistakes or typos. 


I had a good time elsewhere in Indonesia, but didn't really have a great initial experience when I flew into Bali.  Kuta was a terrible place.  Ubud was nice enough, but it was too much like California to keep my interest during the 1st week of my trip.  Padangbai is a great little town.  Quiet streets, beautiful beaches and almost enough nightlife.  Every night there is the choice between Ozone, the hip cafe/bar, and the pseudo-rasta indonesian beach party with live music on a stage and a bar on the beach.  I've lost track, have I been here for 4 days or 5? 

I happened to arrive back in Bali during Galungan, the biggest holiday of the year for the Balinese.  The streets were decorated, everyone was dressed, 6 year olds were gambling on the main street and I got to watch traditional Balinese dance with very much a small town charm. 

And...  on to Java It looks like I'll be heading to the Java tomorrow.  From the frying pan into the fire as they say.  Well...  Bali isn't quite the frying pan as it's completely peaceful.  And...  Java isn't quite the fire - yet.  But it looks like I'll be at least heading into the frying pan.  According to the in-depth journalism at the Jakarta post bands of extremist muslims may or may not be roaming the streets looking for Americans.  In other news the US state dept.  has definitely issued travel advisories suggesting that American citizens leave Indonesia and they have started to voluntarily evacuate non-essential personnel from the Consulates.  And finally, the wildest rumor yet is that Osama Bin Laden is actually hiding out on one of the 14,000 Indonesian islands. 

It really doesn't sound like it is that dangerous - don't worry about me.  So far there have just a few protests and threats.  As always, I should be okay.  Growing up in Oakland gave me a good spider sense and unlike spiderman I'll run if there's trouble.

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