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Bernd from Austria - Jan 26, 2006

Hello World Traveler. 
We just arrieved back to Austria.  Minus 19 degrees, very cold.  if my fotos are online i will send u the weblink.  have a nice time in dahab and enjoy the warm ;-) cu and regards from a very very cold austria,


anita - Jan 24, 2006

Hello Adam, Great writing and fantastic pictures.  I feel like I'm the female version of you.  I quit my job last year and travelled through Africa.  Now I'm home taken care of family matters and I will be heading back again to Africa and then to SE Asia. 



But, you're cooler than I am.  I had to lose my job before I was brave enough to take off forever. 


silvia - Jan 19, 2006

hi adam, fantastic pictures!!!  I came across your site looking for a beach bungalow on zanizbar.  Jambo Brothers looks nice!?  Hope you keep your site online - curious about more pictures & trips!  krgds from switzerland


Thanks for the comments.  Jambo brothers is indeed a great place to stay - cheap, a bit isolated, and right on the beach. 


Samantha - Jan 15, 2006

Hi Adam, I love your pics of Sudan, they are so beautiful.  I can't wait for the Egypt pics.  I hope you went into the Western Desert and had a heyday with the cool white rock formations there.  I am so stoked to see them.
Take care,



Haven't been out to the Egyptians desers yet, but I'm planning on taking a trip out as far as the Siwa Oasis after my b'day.

I will of course take some photos. 


nick - Jan 15, 2006

I'm on the tail end of a major trip (for me), but your site is blowing my head!  Good luck from a fellow UCSC grad ;>

Melissa - Jan 14, 2006

I'm impressed.  Jealous as hell and impressed.  How *do* you pay for all this?!?


I will write an article about this topic in detail.  But largely, long term travel is much cheaper than you might expect.

Also, I got a great severence package from my last company.  That lasted almost 4 years of traveling. 


raina - Jan 06, 2006

hey!  this is one of your peace corps armenia friends:) your pictures are fabulous and i thank you for so astutely capturing those beautiful lands.

Jen - Nov 30, 2005

Adam - Hope you are doing well!  I was looking at some excellent photography today on a Flickr group and thought of you b/c all of your photos are so amazing.  You should seriously consider selling them to a magazine/guidebook/newspaper.  Anyway...  hope it is all still going well.  Take care!


Aaron - Nov 30, 2005

Enjoyed your website.  I just spent a year in Southeast Asia.  I'm back in the states for three months and then I'll return.  I enjoy reading others experiences of some of the places I've been.

Did you meet the infamous Eric in Iboih, Pulau Weh.  When i was there he got in troule for keeping a 19 year old "girlfriend" and the muslim clerics or whatever guys came and threatened to burn down his house.  So he fled to stay with his family for a couple months in Bandung.  And he left 2 kilos for us and "mafia" to take care of!  hehe.

Was Suriyani and mammas other daughters running around with everywhere when you were there a few years ago?  Norma's still her same old self I'm sure.

Anyway take care...good travels.

beverly arellano nov 5, 2005 - Nov 05, 2005

adam, your website is fantastic.  i spent over an hour just cruisin thru.  do i have a million questions.  i will be back in touch soon.  thanks for allowing me to be a part of your world too.  beverly

Christopher Weaver - Nov 01, 2005

I burned an hour cruising about your site as I sit in my office here in the heartland of the US, avoiding work.  I envy you and thank you for sharing.

Dena - Oct 31, 2005

Hi Adam,

It's Dena, from the Dahab Hostel, we met there in Cairo this summer (of Dena and Raina, the PCVs from Armenia).  Just found the card with your website, the pictures you've taken are amazing, I enjoyed seeing the ones from Ethiopia again.  Just wanted to say "hello" and please tell me if/when you are heading to Armenia, I can give you lots of great contacts there.  Happy travels,


Cousin David - Oct 30, 2005


Where are you?

We just celebrated Lee's 10th birthday and Steven turns 7 on Nov.  7th.

Nathan's B'Mitzvah is April 8th if you'll be in the area, you're invited but I don't know how to send you an invitation.

Andrea is having a baby in December.


Suzanne Steffensen - Oct 19, 2005

HAve enjoyed reading your travels and am an Oakland native.  Would love to buy you dinner to hear your stories in person if you get back here.  I'm headed back to Thailand this Jan 2006.

Hope - Oct 05, 2005

"Adam Katz - Aug 11, 2001

It's been 5 weeks since I was laid off from Sapient.  I find my self with more time than money, and at least for the moment I really like it.  I had planned on taking a trip to Nepal to make a trek up to base camp.  Now, without a job, I am instead taking a trip around the world.  I leaveon Wednesday with a one-way ticket to Bali.  I'll likely be gone for 6 months or a year.  I might be gone longer."

I bet you see the world through a set of different eyes now.  You have seen so much, met so many and survived on your own. 

It's been great knowing you.


haShanah Rosh'in - Oct 03, 2005

I'm so glad I met you too zurina.  & at least they didn't hide the beer IN your bed...  that would have been grossly uncomfy.

good luck with the belly & the dancing & everything else besides.
roshana shosh banana

Zurina - Oct 03, 2005

I caught Adam and Howie stocking up on beer to hide under my bed.  Adam gets to party I get to work as a bellydancer in Cairo.  ;-)

Hear hear to haShanah Rosh'in, I agree, Adam's inspirational, Im often lost for words, so glad I met you.  xxoo

haShanah Rosh'in - Oct 02, 2005

hey mr geekeasy

thanks SO much...  a little bit of website advice you passed on has inadvertantly stopped me wasting my life, credit where it's due.

have a happy Rosh haShanah.  here's to a great, fresh new year thaks to YOU!