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Brandon - Mar 24, 2006

Hi was just lookin at your site, very impressive.  And your current trip is definately cool.  I was just wondering though...  how do you plan to arrange the visa to Iran...  I tried to get one about six months, but as an American its a pain.  If you can't come up with the visa, just head from Turkey to Georgia, to Azerbaijan, then a boat to Turkmenistan.  No visa needed in Georgia and just buy it at the border in Azer...  Not sure about Turkmenistan...  but its got to be easier than Iran.  Good luck with it all.

- Mar 11, 2006



Matt - Mar 11, 2006

Adam--you're living my dream.  I've only read about your times in Loki and Lodwar (I spent a month between the two--my best friend who I was traveling with is Turkana).  I also spent five months working in Eldoret.  Can't wait to read more on your site--the writings and journal entries are awesome.  I'll live vicariously through you til I am able to return.

Henkie - Mar 03, 2006

Excellent website - your Ethiopia coverage is outstanding, and it confirms that its one of the most amazing and unknown places in Africa and even beyond.  Your site is very much alive unlike many other similar efforts.  Congratulations....

Amy - Mar 02, 2006

Hi Adam, Thanks, your pics provided a chance for me to see my friends, Kat and Helen, who you've met on your travels.\

heather - Feb 22, 2006

hi honey well my two weeks away has turned into 4 like it does ,helen sent me the photos of "maggie mays" birthday (the day i left)and hear the grls are leavin b4 i get bak ,gutted,.Ill just have to go back to being a "sensible"mother again still better them their than hackney(in london),has my daughter still ran off with the bedouin!  oh yea and why not mongolia on your travels

top secret - Feb 16, 2006

hello adam. 

I sincerely hope you ignore liam's last bit of advice, cos it's the worst I ever heard! 

merrily merry travels

George - Feb 15, 2006

good site

liam b - Feb 15, 2006

hey adam im siting next to you in the internet cafe so youl probably see it on the screen first.  its been good to meet you and also the mad ausies few what a bunch they are well i hope that you make it to where your going.  good luck and dont get to drunk on the way.
liam b

Eric Gilde - Feb 14, 2006

Hey Adam, we met at the end of August in Cairo.  You had just gotten there and I was on my way out of the country.  I was wondering if, in your time in India, you were there for any of the monsoon, and whether you had any thoughts on that.  I don't know if I should expect rain for a couple hours a day, all day, if there's sunshine, if travelling gets a lot harder, etc, etc.  I was planning on going into Bombay at the beginning of June and going straight north, spending a few months in northern India and a bit of Pakistan.  If you have any thoughts, I'd sure appreciate  Take care!  Are you still in Dahab?

jennifer - Feb 10, 2006

hi i live in south carolina, but born in new york.i don't want to have a normal life have a job and work is that what life is all about.  I want to travel around the world as a career.  it's so cool how you traveled for so long.  you have any advice for me?  i would so much like if you could help me out .  I hope you travel for so many years more.  Enjoy your life, cause it's so asomese.


> you have any advice for me? 

Just go!

Where do you want to go?


Katie - Feb 10, 2006

I'm in Damascus now.  Petra was great, the hiking was even better than i thought.  I met up with a guy from France living in Colorado Springs.  he went on and on about burning man, so i filled him in about your boat.  he may be your next prospect.
any decisions about which boat? 
hope the sun glaring through your "apple" isn't destacting you too much.
have you gone windsurfing yet?  (i think this is half way through my estimated time for you to get around to doing it)
Cheers, beers, and braziers


> any decisions about which boat? 

No decisions other than I am going to buy one.  Something between 30' and 300'.  :-)

> have you gone windsurfing yet?

I am a lazy bastard.  Give me another month or two, and I'll probably have gotten around to it.


Kingsley - Feb 06, 2006

Hi Adam,

We met in a bar in Dahab.  I am now back in New Zealand and am enjoying your site - very inspirational.  Are you still in Dahab? 

One thing that I am curious about is travelling with a laptop.  I am not sure if you have already done a piece on this but I would love to know what tips you have.

Take care




Thanks.  I am still in Dahab living the lazy life. 

> One thing that I am curious about is travelling with a laptop.  I am not sure if you have already done a piece on this but I would love to know what tips you have.

I will eventually write several articles about traveling with a laptop.  My first bit of advice would be - don't take one unless you really, really need it.  But if you have any specific questions let me know and I'll answer them.


Anna Jansson - Feb 05, 2006

hello.  we met a few month ago in stockholm.  how are you?  are you still in denmark?
i was sitting at my desk trying to study (..and eating, wathing tv, cleaning the appartment, reading a feng-shui book...) and i found your card and the adress to your page.  and sience i'm just studying i had to check it out.
i have school untill june, then i'm free untill october.  at first i thougt i had to get a job to pay rent and so on , but now i realice that i have some serious traveling and back packing to do...
maby i'll meet you...
take care //anna


> are you still in denmark?

No...  I'm now back in Egypt.

> i realice that i have some serious traveling and back packing to do...

If you have any questions, let me know and I'll give you some help. 


Kathryn - Jan 30, 2006





Jim Beeth - Jan 29, 2006

Adam Katz,

Man, I can't believe it...  It's been at least 27 years since we last talked but i'm betting you remember me, just as i remember you. 

After all this time our interests ended up the same.  Like you, my love for travel, experiencing new cultures, tastes, the world, pretty much defined my life the past 15 years.  From remote journeys across the Sahara where we got lost, stayed w/nomads, ending up in Timbuktu, treks throughout northern Thaiand, crazy cambodian nights, expensive European cities, and too much more to write about here.

Adam, let me know if you get this and i'll write more.  Also, i'm sure my mom would love your parants info.  Did you state in touch Matt?  How about Tara, Gabriel? 

Guess that's all for now.  Good luck w/the travels, keep up the great site and hope to hear from you. 


I'm living in New York city now w/my amazing Brasilian lady, Gabriella.  I own an internet company and Gabriella is working at the U.N.  Work is great but can't say i love New York.  All-in-all, a pretty angry place where cultures clash and everything is expensive.  Hopefully, w/in a few years we'll move back the bay area. 

Interesting that you ended up at Santa Cruz.  Before i moved to New York for work a year ago, i was living in Santa Cruz.  Had a great place on Empire Grade about two miles from campus.