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Frank - Sept 01, 2006

Hey Adam,

Do you travel with a tripod?  If so what kind?  How much does it weigh?  Is it a pain in the A$$ carrying one around all the time? 


Frank - Sept 01, 2006

Hi Adam,
Hope all is going well.  Do you travel with a tripod?  If so what brand.  Ive been looking for a travel tripod sturdy enough for a Digital SLR with an 18-200mm lense but that doesnt weigh 10 lbs.  Any recommendations?

lori-ann gilman - Aug 20, 2006

A great website...I laughed hysterically at your "Mixed Juice" picture...I have the same one...mine only has avocado, mango and pineapple, with a twist of green!  lemon. 
Hey listen, the national dish of Ethiopia is Doro Wat...not Kitfo.  Would love to chat with you about Ethiopia.  Planning to go back soon.  You?
Lori-Ann Gilman

Laura F - Aug 07, 2006

Hi Adam:
I learned about your site from your mom who is a Curves member here in Piedmont, CA.
I'm a bit of a traveller myself but not comparison.
I'm wondering if you have contacts in the Middle East - Cairo, Dubai, etc b/c I teach ESL (english as a second language) and have only seen posting for men to work there.
Keep on truckin!
all the best, Laura


I cannot tell you any information about Saudi Arabia, Oman or Kuwait.  I imagine that at least in Saudi Arabia it would be difficult for a woman to find work.

However...  I can tell you about Egypt.  It is very easy to find work as an English teacher.  If you have experience or a TOEFL certificate it will help, but none of these are requirements.  My recomendation is to just fly into Cairo and then find work after you arrive.  The Dahab Hotel isn't the cleanest place in Cairo, but it's the best place to meet people.  Other long-term residents there should be able to hook you up with job opportunities.  You should also take a look at the message boards on


Jen - Aug 03, 2006


What is up!  We haven't chatted in a while.  I hope you are still having a great time globe-trotting.  Same old stuff here...  except I moved to Seattle and now work for Microsoft.  It's good...  definitely a lot better than NYC but probably not *as* good as programming on the beach. 

Write soon.  I just signed up for your mailing list.


Hey Jen,

Great to hear from you.  I'm actually writing this from my kitchen in Berlin.  My life has had some unexpected turns, programming on the beach in Egypt and set-setting in Europe.  I'll be here in Berlin for probably another month and a it and then I'm heading back to the beach in Egypt.  From there, I'll actually start traveling again, heading through Jordan, Syria, and even maybe Lebanon depending on what's going on there. 

If things go to plan (which they probably won't) I should be passing through Seattle in about 2 years on my way down from Siberia.  :-)

If you haven't already, you should check out the new google earth links on my website.  I'm in the progress of linking all of my photos and journal entries with google earth. 


Andreu - Aug 01, 2006


Been reading your info about the Everest base camp trek, it really encouraged me to do it on my own.  I've been living in Delhi 4 months now and I need a bit of acction.

Thanks for the good info and tips.


PS Doing an Ironman and traveling around the world for 2 years?  Seems that you copied my goals.  I've already did the Ironman and 2008 I'll start traveling round the world I hope.


> I've already did the Ironman and 2008 I'll start traveling round the world I hope

Ha....  I've been traveling since 2001 and maybe by 2010, I'll do an ironman.  :-)

Very nice to meet you. 



Sarah - Jul 07, 2006

I'm really looking forward to going to visit Ethiopia.  Your pictures and stories are wonderful.

Bernd from austria - Jun 25, 2006

hi adam,
how r u?
i heard from a friend of mine that u are allready in dahab, unbelievable.  i hope u r well.  maybe i'd like go to dahab in july or august after my examn.  the weather in austria is really f****.

take care

p.s.  don't pay attention to my bad english *gg*

deshete - Jun 20, 2006

Thank you ADAM for displaying the many faces and birds of Ethiopia.  It is fantastic by theway did shoot(camera)any Omorate's natural spots?
I owe you a micro-brewed one if by chance stop/passby Alexandria, Virginia.


You're welcome. 

Here is one photo showing the Omo River passing through the middle of Omorate



Nica - Jun 05, 2006

Ah, Adam, always great to hear of your travels!  Wish to see you in person, but "stuck" traveeling the states for a while.  Have great fun adn know you're missed in SF!

--Nica (girl in the red dress from years ago...)