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norman - Nov 19, 2006

There's some satisfaction in the San Fransisco rain, but no matter what comes down the Mission always looks the same.

neill - Oct 26, 2006

i met 'this guy' in egypt too and the 'ultimate traveller' is full of s**t.  everyone shares there travel stories in backpacker hostels (sharing experiences is part of the fun in travelling) and thats all he does which is/was interesting and helpful to anyone with similar plans, and genrously sets up his laptop so everyone can watch south park!!


Thanks Neil. 


World Traveller - Oct 18, 2006

I met this guy in Egypt, he was the loud American handing out a business card that said "world traveller", I thought for a moment is the guy for real?  Then in typical American fashion he began to talk AT everyone, attempting to prove his status as the ultimate traveller.  As everyone kind of rolled their eyes back into their heads he went on about his un original scheme to go over land around the world.  As far as getting to know the local culture, all I could see was him staying firmly planted in the heart of that western backpacker hostel every day and night bragging about his trips.  I never actually saw him leave the place the whole time I was there. 
One night I did see him shrink down, when several other travellers at the hostel began to out-do his great travel tales.  At that point he became quiet and simply moved on to another group of unsuspecting backpackers to hand out his "world traveler" business cards.  All I can figure is that he is on the run from something and highly insecure.

-The Ultimate Traveller


Well...  I suppose that you're welcome to your opinion.  I thought about deleting this message, but decided to leave it.

I hope that at least my readers see the irony in someone who calls himself "The Ultimate Traveler" criticizing my boastfulness.  And actually, some of the closest friends that I've made along the road have been people who's travels make mine look dull and overly cautious by comparison.

As for what I'm running from, I think that I've been pretty clear about that.  I'm running from the corporate world and consumer culture in America.  Living on a beach in Dahab and working 2 hours a day, beats the hell out of living in SF and working 12 hours a day. 


Marco - Oct 14, 2006

Real nice meeting you....Hope you'll find some plesant ride to Georgia....

Don't forget see you some where round the glob.

Odwori - Oct 08, 2006

We hope that all is well with you.  We saw your site a few months ago before we went travelling through Europe, and we just came back to see what you had been up to.  Hope everything is ok and that you can continue with your adventure soon. 


All is well with me.  I've been living in Berlin and relaxing for the past few months. 

But very soon, I should start new adventures and start writing (or video blogging) again.


Dan - Oct 08, 2006

Hey Adam,

I found your site randomly Googling for some info on Costa Rica !  I'm actually headed to Costa Rica tomorrow morning.  Yay !
I've read most of the articles on your site and really like it.  I hope to travel the world one day like yourself, but right now I think I have to many material possesions (house, car, etc), and I would like to have a family some time in the near future.  Perhaps I will cast this all away sometime and set myself free to roam the world.  Your site has certainly been inspirational.

My pics:

My site (havent updated it in a while)


As to your house and car, let me give you my thoughts through the words of Khalil Gibran.  He says it much better than I would:

And tell me, people of Orphalese, what have you in these houses?  And what is it you guard with fastened doors?

Or have you only comfort, and the lust for comfort, that stealthy thing that enters a house a guest, and then becomes a host, and then a master?

Verily the lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul, and then walks grinning in the funeral.

As to a family, well....  largely that seems to be a matter of finding a woman who is similarly interested in leading an adventurous, alternative, relatively possession free life.  Kids are a more complex issue - there are big positives to giving them stability - but also big positives to giving them new experiences and showing them the world. 


trae - Oct 01, 2006

im terribly jealous.  your living the life im trying to make for myself.  its good to see its working out for some people though.

found you from the burningman tribe site, and i love your floatingman idea.  im totally in if(when) it happens.  i have been working with the idea of buying a sailboat to live on anyways. 

seriously, im jealous.  good luck in your travels

Pivi & Santeri - Sept 08, 2006

Hey Adam,

Thanks for the blog and site.  It was nice to read about your life and travels. 

We are a couple, born in Finland, and have been traveling around the world for 2 years and will continue.  Our only plan is no plans.  So our home is whereever we happen be, and we guess you have the same.  It's great to have all the time in the world.

Hope to hear from you and we would like to exhange thoughts about life outside rat race.  Also, if you ever happen to end up near us it would be great to meet you.

No fears or worries,

Pivi & Santeri

Chuck - Sept 05, 2006

Come on Adam - we are all waiting from some action!  Time to get back on the road?

Airhitch Online Staff - Sept 04, 2006


Check us out.  Our founder, Rob, turned us on to you. 

We are an organization FOUNDED IN 1969 to nurture the interests of the BUDGET, UNSTRUCTURED, EXPLORATORY TRAVELER...and to defend those interests against a vicious air-transport industry that tramples all over them. 

Although we realize that a lot of your travel ISN'T by air -- and that's A Very Good Thing -- there are going to be times when ANYONE traveling in your style will need to hop a flight and will not be able to afford the proverbial "arm and leg".  So that's what we're here for.