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B. - Apr 30, 2007


been checking the site regularly for 6 months but don't see an update on your adventures.

Is everything 'ok'?  Can you give us an update on your travels?



Everything is fine, and I've just started writing agin. 


Jason - Apr 28, 2007

Hey Adam,

Wow--very impressive website!!!  Can't believe you swam in the Ganges.  Ew.  You are one tough guy!  To go overland from Sanfrancisco all the way to Zanzibar--that takes a lot of patience and sounds like the journey was (and continues to be) well worth it!  Kate mentioned something on Sunday so maybe I'll see you there and pick your brain about travelling in the Sudan.

Most of my favorite photos are on flickr at the following address:



Wade - Apr 27, 2007

Hey Adam Katz, your blog ends abruptly...just wondering what happened to you.  Are you dead?  Just wondering.


Ian - Apr 15, 2007 have no idea how happy it made me to stumble across this site again and read that you're *still* travelling :D

I've made a few long-distance excursions since meeting you in Bangkok, but now I see what might have been if I hadn't returned to the UK

Happy trails, Ian (of the 'crashing the wake' tale)


Check back on the site.  I'm back to writing again.


Erik - Apr 13, 2007

Great Site!

cody - Apr 12, 2007

Does anyone know if this guy is still around?  I used to check his site all the time but it looks like he has become a budhist monk or something and shunned technology

Debbie - Apr 11, 2007


met you at the Zam Zam room on Haight right before you left.  Can't believe how time flies.  Keep on rockin, I will always be envious!!



It's an odd thing. 

In some ways it feels that night in San Francisco, and my going away party following it, was just yesterday. 

In other ways, it feels like an entire lifetime ago.

Why be envious?  Why don't you do this yourself?

P.S.  In a couple of months, I'll be coming back to California for a visit.  I hear that the Crowbar has closed down, but there will be a "welcome back" party somewhere in SF.  I hope that you can make it. 


Rak - Apr 06, 2007


Brilliant to see you still going strong.  Write a book, I will buy it and so will others.

Hope life is treating you well.

take care,

ben - Mar 24, 2007

love your site.  if you ever come to austria tell me :D

James Drinkwater - Feb 27, 2007

Hi Adam

Like the site.

But you gotta get out of Dahab.  I know its pretty mellow but really 6 mths plus?

say Hi to Doody & Moody in Dahab for me, 2 brothers who own a bar there.  They were good to me & my friends when we stayed a few yrs ago.