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Mike - Aug 22, 2004

Hey Adam, I'm a member at Bootsnall and saw your post in the travel writing forum and took a look at the blog.  Awesome writing and some unbelievable pictures.  I looked at the one picture of the town on the coast between France and Italy and just put it on my "to visit" list for my Europe trip next summer.  Awesome stuff and hope everythings going great.

Phil Round - Aug 21, 2004

Hi, I am a member of a world challenge team that met you in moshi, Tanzania a few weeks ago.  I see that you have visited some of the places that we did and am glad to see that you also enjoyed them.  I wish you great luck on your travles and will track your progress.

Phil Round

Judi Nelson - Aug 18, 2004

Hi Adam,
I just found your website address in our phone book and decided to check it out.  It was hilarious.  John, Keri and I wanted to say hi.


abby - Aug 05, 2004

dear adam how are you procceding with your daily activies in arusha am the guy you meet with him at exim bank in naaz street i would like to be your friend

Sabrina - Aug 03, 2004

Hi Adam!

Well it certainly has been awhile and I am hoping you'll remember me.  I'm the Canadian girl that "looks Indian but isn't" and we first met up in Jaisalmer when I was being followed by the Goan guy and then again on the Rajasthan circuit in Delhi.  This was shortly before your trip home to San Francisco.

Glad to see that you are back on the road and I am VERY envious of the travels but so happy that you are back out there.

LOVE the site and good luck with the travel writing.


Jenny - Aug 03, 2004

Hey Adam,

Your Top 40 photos are awesome!  I couldn't help but exclaim Holy S#$t on opening most of them.  I'm really impressed by your combination of writing and photography skills. 

I'll be starting my own RTW trip in 2005.  Thanks for the inspiration and tips.

Jen from Oz

abby - Aug 03, 2004

am real intrested with your web because it contain some moreintrested news can you be my friend please?

Juviza - Aug 01, 2004

I came to this website out of curiosity..wondering if maybe there was another person in the world other than myself who loved the idea of being in another country other than the U.S.  I thought I was crazy for even dreaming of traveling through almost every country, you have proved me wrong.  I admire you and the way you just go from place to place and I wish I could do as you have.  Thanks for showing me that going to a country with the name Djibouti isn't as impossible as I thought it could be.
Keep on traveling, writing and inspiring.  =0)

Kerry - Jul 31, 2004

Hey Adam,
Was great meeting you in Moshi, then again in Arusha!  Hope you're now totally recovered from the e-coli!  Cool website - wish i was more computer-minded!  Did you get on a safari?  I'm back in Arusha - off to Malawe.  Maybe we'll bump into one-another again-now that would be funny!
Kerry - world tour 2004

Kristen - Jul 30, 2004

Hi there,
Found your site through  From someone who hopes to do a RTW starting next are an inspiration.  Great pictures!!!!  Continue to have a safe Journey!  Peace.
Kristen in Florida

Marisa - Jul 29, 2004

Hey Adam,
I see you didn't recommend the buffalo as a place to stay in moshi...i'm from the American world challenge group you met there.  nice site.good luck on your travels, i'm staying home for a little before my ext advenure

Rob - Jul 28, 2004

Adam -
Found your site from your post on the TT.  Great photos & articles.  You're on the way to becoming a great writer.  Keep it up.  Thanks for writing the packing list.  Its very useful to hear what has worked for you. 

I'm heading out in about 6 weeks for some travels of my own.  Plan to spend a year or so in Asia/SEA.  What do you think about travel insurance?  Do you have any recommendations?  I'm also from the US - NYC.

Take care,

Chloe - Jul 21, 2004

Hi Adam,

I think you're site and plans are great.  You spelt Spaniard wrongly but I'll let you off!  Good luck with the writing.

Chloe :)

Andy - Jul 19, 2004

I leave on my trip in September, your site has helped me maintain my confidence that I am making the right decision by leaving everything behind to travel!

Neil - Jul 19, 2004

Hey Adam,

Nice site mate...  I'm off on my travels early Novemeber so it's great to read articles and info written by someone with first hand experience!  Best of luck for the rest of your travels.


Del - Jul 19, 2004

Great site, your pics are of great quality!

David - Jul 18, 2004

Hey Adam,

Great site.  Kinda makes you think...


Tawnya - Jul 15, 2004

Hi Adam

I came across your web address in my journal and thought I'd check to see if you made it to Rhino Point or not.  I met you at hut one on the Meru trek, I was with my friend Molly (two tall, blond gringas).  I hope you are getting over the sickness and doing well.  Great website!!

Johanna - Jul 09, 2004

Hi Adam!  Im the Finnish girl you met in Nungwi.  Im back to Finland now=(
planning new trips...  These pages are SO nice, now I really have to believe the tiger-thing you told;) And Im jealous...your Zanzibar pictures are much better than mine.  Ok, take care:o)

san - Jul 05, 2004

hey there Adam, some guy you met in Tanzania (the blondie from holland, Magnus) is doing his promoting for your site well..  it's really cool to read other people's travel-thoughts, as i'm becoming to get bored of mine every now and then ;-)
hurray for the travel community..  safe trip and cool runnings to you man

Paxton Chow - Jul 04, 2004

Hey Adam, just saw your posting on the SAPE alumni list.  Man, it sounds like you're having such a blast now.  Last I heard from you, I got a drunken IM from you while you were in Vietnam.

You're definitely living the life!  Party on!

- Jul 02, 2004

Hi Adam, You got a letter today from Myanmar.  I opened it in case it was anything I needed to deal with.  It was a thank you note fromm Nwenee and Yupar.  Their address is Toungwingyi Street, Latpankarla Village, Pyinmana Township, Myanmar. 
Everything is fine here.  I am fixing up the Grands appt.  and should have it ready to sell by the end of the month.  I also received my first retirement check , Very exciting.  Hope you are feeling better.  Love, Mom

- Jul 01, 2004

Houy-Sy (France) - Jun 30, 2004

Hello Adam!
Dunno if u remember me, we met in kanchanbury in this backpackers'hostel.  U adviced us for our trip to Siam Reap (where we kinda had problems...  we followed ur tips and took local transportation but unfortunately my fren got ripped on the pickup we took...  But great experience, was fun and i just loved our trip) .  Just wanted to say Hi and check out ur website which is pretty interesting!!!
Hope u are enjoying ur trip around the world.  Lucky u to be travelling so much.  I am back in France for one year to finish my studies and then I am thinking of saving money to travel again!
Good Luck and take care!
Bye Bye

Tony - Jun 22, 2004

Hi Adam, Heading to Dar es Salaam in 3 weeks time(14 July).Is it better to book a safari from Dar or should I get a bus to Arusha to and sort it out from there.  Can you recommend a decent Safari company.  Any information will be much appreciated.  Very impressed with your website.