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Hollie - Nov 23, 2004

Hi Adam!

It has been a while, babe.  I love your site and visit every now and then to see where you are..  I will be in San Fran the middle of Dec..  will you be around?  I ..  ahem..  have an interview there..  who knows.  Shoot me an email. 

Fun travels,


nica - Nov 18, 2004

So, we both missed the Halloween party at the Bayou this year, where I first met you across the crowded backyard.  Our eyes met, felt the tingle...  Sorry- got carried away. 
I am off on my own adventure, to sail off to Belize and Guatamala for two months.  Yeah!  Call or email me when you take a break or want a travel buddy for a few weeks.  Sounds like life is exactly how is should be- peachy, with a few pits thrown in!! 
Nica (friend of Tom Di's, girl in red dress and out to dinner in the City)

Richard - Nov 18, 2004

Hey you seem like a real wanker.
Pretentious.  Self righteous.  Full of shit.  Happy travels.  Bro.  :  )

JimmyDean - Nov 03, 2004

Hey great site.  Fellow bay area resident looking to get the heck out of dodge for a couple years.  One can only take so much time in cubeland before you need to get on with the life and just be outside for an extended period of time. 

Good luck to you and hapy travels.

Ramesh - Oct 30, 2004

Hey Adam .
i saw your web site , i found many thing of the world news and such an nice picture .  you are great person live in where i don't no , i found your website from my one britich citizen friend Chrish he wrote me by mail you have to contrect about travel and connect with us about Nepal trekking and alll of progremms because of you have many many friend who want to come to nepal and make travel journey.  ok lets will have keep in touch .

JR Woodward - Oct 23, 2004


Dude, it is really cool to see you live out your dream and just go for it.  Thanks for taking the step and just doing it and then sharing your travels with the rest of us.  I loved the top 40 pictures and look forward to viewing some of the rest.

centralasian - Oct 16, 2004

Hello, Adam,

I found an excellent picture of a stork on photosig - great work, well done!

I then found your website and the whole story about your journey.  Absolutely exciting and very brave of you!  Best luck, and please keep posting your wonderful pictures!

Also, I dared to re-post it my own blog, with all the references ( .  I hope, you don't mind.

Finally, I am from Central Asia myself, and can't wait when you'll achieve this area, and will start writing/posting pictures on the region. 

I also have a lot of friends in Central Asia (and Moscow), I could try to connect you with (some of) them, if you wish.


Jamie - Oct 12, 2004

Hi!  Love your website-it really is inspiring!  Couple of questions/ comments--1.  Did you plan on going traveling for a few years (saved $$ before you went) or did you extend your stay-the idea of coming home just not sound appealling?  #2 In your article about being lonely-- I have been asked that question many times myself.  I usually say I can be lonely at home there are just more people to talk to.  I am going to keep checking your website.  Good luck and fun adventures to you!!

Richard Leon - Oct 09, 2004

Good Morning Adam,

Excellent work.  Very inspring.

I forwarded your website to an associate who's also a world traveler and incredible photographer.  He may have suggestions for publishing your material.  I believe the world could use more loving and inspiring images to keep our hope alive and our connections real. 

To much bad news and sad images in our present media.

Thanks for sharing your images and how you see the world.

Be well.

Richard Leon

Hi David,

This is a message from Richard Leon.  We worked on EBMUDs Annual Report a number of years ago and I am still a great admirer of your work.

I was referred to this website ( and thought you would enjoy the contents.  You may have some suggestions for this talented artist.

Be well.

Richard Leon
Art Director

Creativemark Design & Photography

2630 Maxwell Avenue
Oakland, CA 94619

( Bus:  510.532.0692
( Cell:  510.295.9772 (New Cell Number)
( Fax:  510.217.9775

Crista... Alice's Daughter - Oct 04, 2004

WOW, these pictures are awsome.  I will be waiting for the book of Adam's travels!

Alice - Oct 04, 2004

Hello Adam,
I met your dad at the Grand Lake Farmers Market, Oakland,CA.  He says Hi!
Your photography is beautiful and inspiring.
I'm forwarding your site to friends that will appreciate your work and travels!
Best regards, Alice

sonia - Oct 03, 2004

krahnik blis - Sept 26, 2004

wow.  i'm doing the same type of thing you are, but i have no money, goal, plan...

currently in japan, trying to figure a way to get to thailand for the winter.  then maybe find my way to australia?  i need to find a way to finance myself - ideas?

your journey is inspiration.  website too.  i'm in a little over my head with mine (, as it's all Flash and i haven't figured a way to put my ever-expanding travel journal on there. 

at any rate, a big, enthusiastic "wassup!" comin atcha from the land of the rising sun...

oldsaper - Sept 26, 2004

hey adam!  i'm a very envious ex-sape person.  great to hear that sapient gave u that fat severence check to finance your trip.  they do make some good bad decisions some times!  :)

max01 - Sept 20, 2004

hey admam!  looks great!

check out ! 
It is actually the largest site in this area of hospitality exchange..


Greg Rideout - Sept 17, 2004

Adam, great sight.  My friend is starting a 2 year trip, and I was explaining to him what to bring, and then he showed me your sight.  Your packing list was perfect.  Good luck with the travels.

Benjamin J. Schwartz - Sept 14, 2004


Was googling my old university pal "Adam Katz", and though you are not him, I was happy to stumble across your site. 

It seems you and I have a lot in common.  I read "Papillon" as an eight year old boy and dreamt of coconuts and machetes, and then "Fear and Loathing" as a twelve year old and the future was written. 

Love your site.  As for the writing:  thus far, pretty clean, crisp, no-nonsense, and sparing in ego.  Should only get better and better.
The photography is excellent.  Sensitive.  Imaginative.  Original.  Truly insightful. 

I have been 'On the Road' as it were myself for the better part of my adult life.  In Japan now, next year to Mexico and on. 

You have a kind, humble and generous spirit I think.  Hope to have a drink with you some time.

As for my college buddy, he went mad.  In the truest sense.  Was a great friend.  Went off the meds, and descended into oblivion.  A mumbling, angry, defeated, 22 year old schizophrenic.  That was ten years ago.  Hope he's better now.

All the best.  Good luck with the projects. 


Al - Sept 11, 2004


Looks like a cool trip, long time to be on the road for.  Feel free to check out my 6month trip at

kevin - Sept 04, 2004

really loved your writting , ive been lucky to see 70-80 countrys , but you have been a inspertion to me , thanks a lot , regards kevin .

Daniel R. Massawe - Sept 02, 2004

Wao!!  thats sound so sweety Adam, yes ia from Tanzania,Moshi town is my Home Town, yes i real like your article about different places in Moshi, thats very perfect decription about Moshi Town, you must me GENIUS!!!!

Simone - Aug 31, 2004

Hi Adam,
it sounds as if you're having an amazing trip.  I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better and you're on the road again.  In case you stop by in Namibia you should check out Jass Bar(pronounced "Jazz") 4 Schinz St.  (near Auspanplatz).  phone:  264 (81) 1240170.  Friends from college and work are running it and apparently it's an excellent cocktail bar serving anything you can think of.  A really funky atmosphere with red walls and friendly staff.

Keep me posted on your adventures and good luck.
The crazy german.....

gbemisola - Aug 31, 2004

can i get one guest book

maria - Aug 31, 2004

Hi Adam!
nice website!  I'm jealous!  I want to travel as much as you have....  for the moment, I'm stuck in a 9-5 job, but not for very long...  Anyways, keep it on, and if you ever visit Greece, drop me an e-mail! 
All the best,

Marilyn - Aug 27, 2004

Hey Adam!

your photos are great!  Your dad gave me your web site and he sends the message that he hopes you're taking care of yourself.  (Parents always worry!) It sounds like he needs a vacation....any chance you could invite him along with you for a great experience for you both???  Happy travels, Marilyn

Kohlanta Island - Aug 24, 2004

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