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elois - Feb 09, 2005

Hello, your website is wonderful, that's why I bookmarked it.  Thank your for the good work you must have put in to create this facility.  Keep up the excellent work!

Sam - Feb 08, 2005

Hi Adam,

I just checked out your website for the first time in a while.  Great look and lots of good photos.  I'm impressed.  I just got back from Asia, and appreciate your tips for Cambodia.  What a country!  I hope you are safe wherever you are.  Conquering more of the world, no doubt...

steven - Jan 30, 2005

hey adam, its steve the canadian from backpackers nairobi.  so your finally out of that city, thats good to hear.  i made my way home fine, got my old job back, just moved out and am gonna try n save some $ for a trip to southeast asia.  hope your new journey works out.  have a good one and good luck

Daniel - Jan 30, 2005

Happy birthday Adam!  I'll think of you as I drink tonight.  Good luck with your notebook!

ghjghj - Jan 28, 2005


Tyler - Jan 23, 2005

Hello hello from Chicago; and a fellow traveler.  Your site is fantastic; exquisitly detailed and easy to use.  I'm setting up my own site; first time!  I love what you're doing, and plan to do much of the same; that is, travel and write, photo and yoga.  Its just so great to see someone out there who is succeeding in this supurb adventure...

Anyway, I'll be headed to South Africa with father and brother in early June.  Any recommendations, would be greatly appreciated.  Thinking then to head to Bangkok to teach yoga. 
Thanks for your time!  enjoy!

Shelly - Jan 22, 2005

What's up Adam?  I guess things have really changed for you in the last 10 years.  It's amazing how time flies?  I'm glad to see that you are doing well and wish you lots of luck in your endeavors and safe travelling.  If you ever make it Vegas way, drop me a line.  Take care!

desyl - Jan 20, 2005

Hi Adam!  I remember you from when you were driving the shuttle bus at UCSC, and all those fudruns...Amazing thing you are doing now.  I'm in Berlin for a few months; if you need a dose of cold and dreary overcast weather, just drop me a line.

Janny - Jan 18, 2005

nice job keep it up

Chuck Siefert - Jan 15, 2005

Adam, Greetings from the Northern Plains.

Those of us who are rooted back in the USA appreciate your sharing your adventures.  It is fun to see the world vicariously through you.  My senior citizen mother turned me on to your site and I couldn't stop clicking away.
It's currently minus 23 degrees F here in Montana, your tales of Africa have warmed me considerably.  Thanks again!

David - Jan 13, 2005

Hi Adam,

Just returned to Egypt and had a first closer look at your page.  Still I think you should become a photographer!  ;-) Keep up the good work and let me know once you enter the country of the pharaos.

Good luck,

kris - Jan 06, 2005

nice site!
i knew you were a computer nerd-- and that you were in the industry until you decided to give it the finger in favor of exploring the worlds craziest places-- but Im impressed with the site!!
and jealous of african experiences, of course...

Heather - Dec 30, 2004

Hey Adam,

Glad to know you weren't swept up in the brine.  I love the photo of you and the tigers.  How many beers did you feed them?  8)

Hippo Gnu Year!!!


Shannon - Dec 29, 2004

How are the bugs-you never take pictures of the bugs!  Sending warm wishesfrom Oakland


Tom - Dec 29, 2004

Hi Adam,

I haven't been here in a while and love the way the site has evolved.

The events of this weekend made me stop and think, "Where's Adam?" It was a relief to know that you weren't in that area of the world.  *Whew!*

Best of luck on the rest of your travels.  Be safe and well.

Warmest regards,


Jenn - Dec 26, 2004

Dear Adam,

I hope you're having a great Holiday Season in Africa.  I miss you back here in the States.  Glad you weren't in Indonesia today.  .  .


Keri - Dec 22, 2004

Hey Adam,
I am happy to say that you are the coolest cousin ever.  You got to come to the central coast sometime and visit when you get back in the states.

Hope to talk to you someday,


Mark Nenadov - Dec 22, 2004

Wow!  Your site is amazing.  I found the link to it from

This might be the inspiration to get me to travel more.  Well done!

Tim - Dec 17, 2004

Yo from Todos Santos.  I just sat here enjoying and showing off the photos from your website.  You know, along with trying to publish the writing, putting the photos together in a book might be a thought too...



Susan Elliott - Dec 17, 2004

ps...happy holidays and thanks for letting us live thru you...see you in oakland

Susan Elliott - Dec 17, 2004

hello adam, just talking with your father and he reminded me of your web site, so here i've sat for the last fascinating!!!!  the look is great, i can't believe this is the little shit disturber from the baby sitting co-operative(just kidding), your quite a traveler -man.....wish i weren't so old, i'd join ya!!!!

Natasha - Dec 12, 2004


I'm trying to set up an expedition for next summer to Uganda.  We're sorting out funding and want to have a website to show our sponsors.  Thing is we haven't really got a lot to show them.  I was wondering if you'd mind us sticking some of your photos on there if we credit them to you and put a link back to this website??  Thanks for any help,


Rachel - Nov 30, 2004

Thanks for putting up this site.  it's reminded me how badly I need to be traveling once agean.

Paolo - Nov 29, 2004

Hi Adam remember Us?
the group of crazy italian doctors....
we met in uganda at queen elizabeth park and we travelled together to Mbarara... 
now, we're all back in Italy and I found in my bag your internet site, which I had completely forgotten...
very nice site and great photos too....
where are you now????
still having problems with salmonella and shigella??  I hope everything's allright
happy travel!!!

Chanel - Nov 28, 2004

You responded to my Zanzibar post on  How long were you here?  I have been here 5 weeks with no intention of leaving.  After reading your site I noticed we are very much in the same boat.  I was laid off from my SF dot com job and took the severance to travel.  Before this trip I had been to over 50 coutries but never like this with no time constarints or job to return to.  This type of travel is amazing and I hope I don't have to be back in a big Western city for at least one yesr.

Happy travels Adam and maybe we will meet some day,