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Dave H - Jul 31, 2005


This is a test.

If I were President, I'd stop riding around in protected cars and try to be closer to the people.


Cynthia Leard - Jun 05, 2005

I have enjoyed looking at your website.  I am a college friend of Ben's and spent more than 3 years volunteering in a village in Tanzania. 
I was wondering if you might be willing to add a link or speak about the horrible genocide that has killed over 400,000 people in Darfur.  I think sometimes it is hard for Americans to really understand what is happening in other parts of the world.  I know you must be seeing and hearing about this being so close to these atrocities.  Here is one helpful link


I generally only write about places where I have first-hand experience.

But thank you for the link.


Tim - Jun 02, 2005

Really digging your writing Adam, and the photos are stellar.  Keep it up!  Sudan all over the news these days, the US throws out rhetoric and Africa says rhetoric isn't sovling the problem.  fyi, I'm going to let them know upstairs (the edit desks at the Chronicle) that you're about to walk into the Sudan, watch for emails from them...

Hans Nareskog - May 30, 2005

Hello Adam
A greeting from the one you met in Harar in Ethiopia.  Hope you are still doing fine.  I like your site!  Im back in Sweden now and will follow your trip.

L.J. Hartig - May 24, 2005

I was in Zanzibar in October and stayed here if you are interested...
Matemwe Beach Village
It was gorgeous (we happened to be there during a lunar eclipse)!

zachery miller - May 18, 2005

What's up?I'm your 2nd cousin.My mom is jill miller and my dad is steve.Your dad is at my house and he said stop eating all those water bugs.Your uncle Gerald is making a deal with me im going to clean out his yard,and he is going to help me build a fort.It will be a very cool one to.

Olivia - May 08, 2005

Two mentions of photo's - first mention refering to ones we took.  My memory stick hasn't saved them.

Feel free to wipe this message.  Sorry for the trivia people!

Olivia - May 08, 2005

Hoping you got my last message about photos.  Made it to Sudan - make sure you bring LOTS of passport photos with you.

Aila - May 08, 2005

Adam, its Aila from the Baro in Addis.
Are you really still there?


I finally moved on from Addis Ababa.  It only took me 3 months. 


Mrs. Paul - Apr 25, 2005

Enjoyed your photos, my son is traveling in Laos now,his second trip.  Check out his webblog.

austin arensberg - Apr 19, 2005

hey there-

stumbled on your site, try out zanzibar and go to the only real rooftop bar (it is a hotel the name of which i totally forget) in Stonetown.  Go there at 5:30 grab a beer and wait for teh sounds of 43 mosques going off all around you.  the best kept secret in all of zanzibar!!!  enjoy!  shoot me an email if you do it

Scarlett - Apr 15, 2005

Hi Adam.  It's Scarlett from the Baro in Addis.  Checking out your site...did your notebook come in?  Are you getting to Sudan soon?  Best wishes!

Jude - Apr 12, 2005

Hey there, i just stumbled on your site in anticipation of my travels when i graduate.  I couldnt stop reading despite the enormous pressure of my thesis deadline looming - Thanks for a great few hours of escapism!  You have a wonderful gift.

Tabea - Apr 09, 2005

Hi Adam,

you really left Moshi and Nairobi ...  ;-) Thought I would maybe meet you again.  I am back to East Africa, since two weeks staying in Kisumu.  Will go to Moshi next week, but only for one night (didn't like it there that much) and then to Dar.  Hope you are fine, have fun and maybe see you again.



Frank Cammarata - Apr 01, 2005

Hello Adam,
I hope all is going well in ethiopia.  Your travel and story are absolutely incredible.  I was wondering what size pack to you travel with and what model camera are you using to take you photo's.

linda - Mar 30, 2005

hi adam,
your voyage sounds fascinating!  i found you on on the cambodia page.  i was wondering if you can help me get from thailand to cambodia.  the thought of taking a bus from thailand to cambodia never crossed my mind, but now i am thinking about it.  my husband and i will be in koh samui, i wonder if there is a ferry or something to take us to cambodia.  anyway, your help is most appreciated!
may you have a safe and peaceful journey,

Adam Katz - Mar 14, 2005

Found your name on google, wish I was with you.  Two Adam Katz's on a journey would be interesting.  I'll check up on your journey again, good luck.

Prof. Gryphon Sou - Mar 11, 2005

Dear Adam,

May I seek you approval on using the following photo?

I am writing a Technical Paper about the Building Management of Border Stations.  Your extraordinary photo could be a good in-text illustration of my non-commercial paper.

For your kind consideration, please.

Gryphon Sou
Visiting Professor


Approval granted. 


Bob Eson - Mar 02, 2005

Hey Adam, long time no read!  How has the adventure been lately?  Are you ever going to post another journal entry?  Inquiring web readers want to know!  I hope you're healthy and having fun.


Jason Lowe - Feb 25, 2005


I just wanted to say hello, and let you know I have bookmarked your site.  I will be checking back to see what adventures you have had...  A co-worker of mine Vinesh Shah told me about your site.  Great photography by the way.

pierre - Feb 23, 2005

Hi, I'm French and I love your website, you must have done an hard work to create it and I want to say you that your site is wonderful, thanks for your excellent work and good luck for your next creation ;o)

adriene - Feb 18, 2005

hi there adam,

i surfed onto your website when i was googling angkor association for the disabled. 

was in siem reap just last week on holiday and bought a book from one of their members, who also handed me the brochure about aad.  was very touched by the work of this ngo.

i am addicted to traveling too!  and am looking for ways to travel more!

take care.  keep up the great web site :)

best wishes,

Mike - Feb 13, 2005

"For that week, I thought that the death toll in New York was 50,000.  When I returned to the mainland, I was immensely relieved to learn the death toll was only 3000"

ONLY 3000...what the fuck is wrong with you.  that is a very high number

nik - Feb 10, 2005

Hi Adam.  I discovered your site not too long ago.  Very nice.  Hope you find the time to update it. 

Good travels !

elois - Feb 09, 2005

I'm sorry for the flood, I thought my first post hasn't be received so I've clicked to times..  sorry