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A 'L' shaped pool table?

A 'L' shaped pool table?    6.00 (16 votes)

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Bryan Aylward - Feb 08, 2005

I want to purchase this table.  Is it available to purchase?  If so how much would it cost??  Thank you



I'm sure that you can buy one, but I have no idea how much it would cost.  More prohibitive than the cost is the shipping - It must cost a fortune to ship it from Tanzania to wherever you're from.


John - Feb 22, 2005

I've got a funny feeling i've played on that table, was that taken in the Police mess in central Moshi?, if so wooooooo, if not oh well, but the steak in that place was wellllll good


It is indeed the Police Mess in Moshi.


Bryan @ The O.S.U. - Nov 03, 2005

They have a table very similar to that in Columbus Ohio at the Halftime Tavern on Bethel Road.  Just so people who are interested in playing can do it here in the states.  Beautiful table


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