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The sphinx at the pyramids in Cairo.

The sphinx at the pyramids in Cairo.    8.09 (11 votes)

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Rochelle - Sept 27, 2007

You know, Adam, looking at these photos of the pyramids, the Sphinx, and the temples in Luxor, I am moved by the thought that these people, and these times, were pretty fabulous in their own right, and that mankind as a whole is a mystery.  As fantastic as some of our technological advances are today, it is clear, looking at these pictures, these people had a an astonishing cosmological vision of the universe and their place in it.  They were BIG PICTURE thinkers!!  Our vision seems diminished or non-existant by comparison.  If there is any search or adventure worth anything, it is to discover a new vision with which to inspire ourselves to the greatness of which the past instructs us that we are capable.  Thank you again for a great travel diary!


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