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Hammer woman in Turmi

Hammer woman in Turmi    7.44 (32 votes)

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Philip Dowling - Jun 03, 2005

When you say Hammer woman are we talking Mc Hammer or what


"Hammer" is the name of her tribe.  :P


EuroThug - Apr 09, 2006

Philip Dowling you are 100% corect. 
Mc Hammer are a big fan of the tribe.
And the Hammer tribe allso hide Tupac.
Its roumers that Michael Jackson is moving there quite soon because they are selling his animals...
Most probably are Turmi going to be the Mekka for music in the near future.

Brian Johnson - May 01, 2006

great shot!  It is so difficult to get shots of the tribal people.  They are more afraid of cameras than guns.  All of my photos from Ethiopia were stolen (in Zimbabwe) so these bring back great memories.  Thanks!


Sorry to hear about the camera.  I found it very easy to take photos of tribal people in S.  Ethiopia, but of course I had to pay for them. 



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